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No moronic swearing in my comments. Anyone who takes the time to type their inane cussing is an idiot, plain and simple. Bought here in New Zealand. My Gamo Shadow 1000 .177 air rifle, a great air gun. Rated at 1000fps/305mps with lightweight pellets. This video shows everything that came with the Shadow and how accurate it is with the open sights.

Have since mounted a leapers 3-9x50 scope. Check out the video:



a review of the leapers 3-9x50 scope


Issues I have had with my gamo since purchase:

1. Broken mainspring at approx 2500 pellets (approx 3 weeks of use). See picture below.

2. Changing point of impact (poi) after repair, rifle just wasn't the same. I took the rifle to an airgun specialist who replaced the spring, piston seal, and breech bolt (I had mangled the bolt trying to undo it myself). The old piston seal was wasted - check out the pictures--


What I do for maintenance:

all you really need is some lubricant oil for the joints in the cocking arm and on either side of the breech bolt and some sort of molybdenum grease for the slide where the cocking arm moves against the underside of the action. Just unscrew the 2 screws holding the trigger guard and 2 screws at the stock forend and the stock will come right off, be careful not to lose the little plastic roller on the cocking arm or washer on the underside of the trigger guard. Do this maybe after 3000 pellets or a few months.

cleaning the barrel very very occasionally can also be a good thing, say after a few thousand pellets. I just have a cheap .177 otis micro-rifle pull through kit and any basic bore solvent will do fine (I use boretech eliminator since I also have firearms). Just run a few patches through with solvent, wait a few minutes, then run dry patches through and that's all you need if anything. Ive only cleaned my barrel once and found it beneficial. A lot depends on what type & quality pellets you use to whether you really need to clean and how badly the barrel fouls.

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