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Homemade airgun (shooting with 8 bar) категории  |  рейтинги  |  новые

homemade airgun .this one i made is an upgraded airgun with aim.the bottle can take up to 8 or 9 bar in pressure.

the airgun is completly seal. i had lot of work to make it seal. the barrel i have is an arrow. i have cut the arrow so i can use the arrow as a barrel. the diameter of the inside of the barrel is 4mm.

I can shoot 2-6 shoots before the air is out. the 2 first shoots is very powerful, the other 3-6 shoots is not same fast as the 2 first shoots.

you can stop watching it 1:37 there is only music left. be careful this can be dangerus. dont shoot any animals or people it's not nice to them. everything is on your own risk if you build this airgun or use it. i am not taking any responsible of what you are doing after or before you have seen this video. have fun and be safe.

I dont have this airgun left i am not building any more of it, the airgun is gone. i have some parts and if you want to buy them cheap from me, then do it.

Загрузил: markuscoollife    Адрес на YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCDKVjDViZE

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