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Модель пистолета COLT1911PD mini Black (Galaxy) G.10
Модель пистолета COLT1911PD с глушителем и ЛЦУ (Galaxy) G.6A

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A review of the Thompson Cybergun M1A1 airsoft gun. I bought mine for $138 at Cabela's because it was a display item. It was originally $230. You can get extra hi-cap magazines for around $20-30. Very well made and very powerful. It gets about 450fps with .12 BBs, and 370-380fps with .20 BBs. Has a version 6 gearbox that can be upgraded with ver. 6 parts and some parts from ver. 2/3 gearboxes. I highly recommend this quality airsoft gun, especially when compared to the much more expensive Tokyo Marui version.

UPDATE! I used this at Cobra Blast Camp on 1-25-09, and it worked fairly well. It was not very accurate, but that was the fault of cheap biodegradable BBs from Wal-Mart. When I use normal .2 BBs, it is much more accurate. The rate of fire was also much less, but that was because of the 3*F temperature, it worked better with a hand warmer on the battery.

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Thanks everyone for making this the 3rd most watched review of this gun!

Загрузил: PaulsAirsoftArmory    Адрес на YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCuy8tnQjGs

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